ISDM 2011

 6th International Shared Decision Making conference


Bridging the gap between research and practice: patient pull or clinician push?


19-22 June 2011

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Maastricht, The Netherlands




ISDM 2011




Scientific Committee













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Please click here for the book  of abstracts of the ISDM conference 2011. The abstract book will only be available online.

Scientific Committee

The ISDM executive committee likes to thank the scientific committee for reviewing submitted abstracts to the 6th ISDM conference:

    Dana Alden

    Michael J. Barry M.D.

    Hilary Bekker

    L. Ebony Boulware

    Phyllis Butow

    Karen Carlson M.D.

    Cathy Charles

    Marla Clayman

    Nananda Col

    Angela Coulter

    Adrian Edwards

    Wolfgang Eich

    Glyn Elwyn

    Vikki Entwistle

    Angie Fagerlin

    Deb Feldman-Stewart

    Dominick Frosch

    William Godolphin
    Martin Härter


Richard Hoffman

Ilona Juraskova

Sara Khangura

Marije Koelewijn

Sascha Köpke

Ivar Sønbø Kristiansen

Jennifer Kryworuchko

France Légaré

Matthias Lenz

Carrie Levin

Carmen Lewis

Hilary A. Llewellyn-Thomas

Andreas Loh

Richard Martin

Dennis J. Mazur

Ingrid Mühlhauser

Albert G. Mulley

Wendy Nelson

Elissa Ozanne


Lilisbeth Inmaculada Perestelo Perez

Michael Pignone

Tim Rapley

Karen Sepucha

Dawn Stacey

Peep Stalmeier

Ben van Steenkiste

Anne M. Stiggelbout

Richard Thomson

Hazel Thornton

Danielle Timmermans

Wemke Veldhuijzen

Adriaan Visser

Trudy van der Weijden

Anna Winterbottom

Celia Wills

John Wong

Brian Zikmund-Fishe




  • Patient pull: Increasing SDM via patients

  • Clinician push: Increasing SDM via clinicians

  • The patients’ perspective of SDM and Decision Support Interventions

  • Clinicians’ perspective of SDM and Decision Support Interventions

  • Development and evaluation of decision aids

  • Measurement of the concept of SDM

  • Implementation of SDM in different levels of the healthcare system

  • SDM in different cultural settings

  • SDM and decision support interventions for special populations (e.g. children)

  • SDM and clinical practice guidelines

  • Ethical aspects of SDM


  • Oral presentation will be part of a moderated 90-minute session – presentations will be grouped by abstract topic. Question-and-answer period after each presentation.

  • Poster presenters must be available to speak with meeting participants during a scheduled poster session.

  • Symposium presentations will be scheduled for 90 minutes and may include up to 4 individual presentations about a common subject e.g. paediatrics, end-of-life decisions, working of the brain in decision making or legalisation. The format of each symposium can vary at the session chairperson’s discretion (i.e., 1- 2 presenters with 30 minutes of discussion; 4 presenters with less time for discussion).
    The session chairperson should submit the following information:

    • Symposium title
    • Session chairperson’s name and affiliation
    • Number of individual talks to be included in the symposium
    • Name and affiliation of each presenter
    • Abstracts from each presenter
  • Workshops are interactive 90 minute sessions. Workshops are expected to be instructive, skill building and interactive. The workshop chairperson should submit the following information:
    • Workshop title
    • Workshop chairperson’s name and affiliation
    • Name of co-presenters and affiliations
    • Overall aim of the workshop
    • Description of the workshop
    • Learning objectives to be covered in workshop
    • Pre-requisite knowledge or other requirements for attendees
  • Exhibition: The exhibition will showcase decision support materials from around the world, allowing research groups and other decision support developers to share their work in the form of informational booklets, training manuals, interactive audio-visual materials, etc.  Each exhibitor should submit the following information:
    • Name and affiliation of exhibitor
    • Name of decision support material
    • Short description of decision support material